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Mechanical face cleansing

Mechanical face cleansing

Mechanical cleaning is the extraction of comedones, mileums from the skin by hand or with a cosmetic spoon, removal of excessive keratinization of the skin.

Indications face cleansing:

  • problematic skin;
  • oily skin;
  • all types of acne;
  • cleaning can be carried out with dry skin (remove mileums), as well as with normal skin.

Contraindications mechanical face cleansing:

  • Pustular, fungal, viral diseases;
  • skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • mobile TAE;
  • ARVI and any other acute diseases;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • bronchial asthma;

Mechanical cleaning consists of two stages:

  1. Steaming;
  2. Mechanical removal.

Preparation mechanical face cleansing

  • -disposable linen;
  • -vaporizer or steaming gel
  • – sterile cosmetic wipes for cleaning;
  • – disposable sterile needles;
  • -chlorhexidine
  • -6% peroxide for disinfection;
  • -70% alcohol;
  • – container for waste material;
  • – means for make-up remover.

Cleaning steps:

  1. Makeup remover;
  2. Steaming for 10-15 minutes – normal to oily skin, 7-10 minutes – dry. A jet of water dust from the vaporizer
    direct it to the face from a distance of 20-30 cm, while the client closes his eyes or put cotton pads on his eyes.
  3. Apply a foaming agent, make a brossage (mechanical brush peeling) – along the massage lines;
  4. We wash off the cleanser with water;
  5. Skin treatment with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine for additional loosening of the stratum corneum;
  6. We put on gloves and proceed to mechanical cleaning:
    We wrap the index fingers with gauze napkins, stretch the skin over the comedon and squeeze the sebaceous gland with the lateral surface of the index fingers so that the sebaceous plug comes out along the excretory duct. Hand movements (pressure) are carried out from the bottom up. If the plug does not come out or comes out with difficulty, then it is necessary to expand the orifice of the excretory duct with a sterile needle, and then remove the comedone.

Removing milium:

Carefully pierce the tire with a needle, hold the needle parallel to the skin surface away from the eyes, then squeeze the lateral surface of the index fingers and remove the lump. We remove no more than 25-30 pieces at a time.
If blood appears: treat with 70% alcohol.
At the end of the cleaning, the skin is wiped with chlorhexidine or an alcohol-containing solution. We apply an anti-inflammatory, soothing mask. We wash off the mask with water, tone the skin and apply a protective or healing cream. We make darsonvalization for 3-5 minutes.

Features of cleaning for pustules (pustules):

  1. Pustules are removed last;
  2. The napkin is changed after each abscess and immediately the place of the former abscess is treated with an alcohol-containing solution;
  3. During darsanvalization, the exposed elements are cauterized with a spark.

Adverse reactions that may occur after cleaning:
– slight swelling;
– redness;
-accelerated maturation of pustules after cleansing (this is a good reaction);
– slight peeling.

Vaporizer care:

– it is better to pour boiled or distilled water into the tank;
– it is forbidden to add medicines to the water tank, there are special devices: felt for essential oils, herbs – in a special strainer …
– the reservoir is emptied and filled with clean water once every 2 days;
– if the vaporizer is not used, drain the water;
– wipe the vaporizer with a damp cloth without detergents;
– Once a week, descale the spiral.

Instead of a vaporizer, you can use:

– warming solution: apply with a cotton swab on the face, after 5 minutes we clean;
– thermoactive cream;
– softening gel – apply a hot compress under the film and on top;
– after phytopilling.
– after enzymatic peeling;