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Modern cosmetology school

Cosmetology school

Modern cosmetology:

Modern cosmetology is a complex symbiosis of many branches of science, as well as various types of art.
Allocate: aesthetic and medical cosmetology.

cosmetology school
Cosmetology school

Aesthetic cosmetology

a) preventive cosmetology – deals with issues related to maintaining the normal functioning of the human body in general and, in particular, skin, hair, nails
Tasks of preventive cosmetology:
– improving the body by various methods, promoting an active lifestyle, balanced nutrition, strengthening the nervous system.
– selection of cosmetics for daily face and body care.
b) Decorative and applied cosmetology – designed to emphasize the beauty of a person and maximally retouch existing defects in appearance.

Medical cosmetology

Medical cosmetology implies the work of cosmetologists, physiotherapists, dermatologists, pharmacologists to develop new concepts of healing and improving the appearance of a person.

Cosmetology tools:

  1. Physiotherapy devices (vaporizer, darsonval, ultrasonic apparatus)
  2. Magnifier lamp
  3. Cosmetic loop
  4. Consumables (cotton pads, sticks, napkins …)
  5. Cosmetics


Cosmetology beauty school

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