Beauty parlor device

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Tools and products for the beautician:
  • Physiotherapy apparatus (vaporizer, darsonval, ultrasonic apparatus).
  • Magnifier Lamp.
  • Cosmetic loop or Oona spoon.
  • Consumables (cotton pads, sticks, napkins ...).
  • Cosmetics
Beauty parlor equipment:
  • A couch or a universal chair (preferably with head and leg height adjustment).
  • Spiral chair for the master (made of waterproof material).
  • Table or cart for tools, cosmetics.
  • Closet for clean linen.
  • Waste laundry basket.
  • Closed-type air recirculator.
  • UV sterilizer for instruments.
  • Refrigerator (if necessary).
  • Mirror.
  • Waste bin with foot pedal.
Requirements for a cosmetologist's workplace:
  • The area of the office for one master must be at least 15 sq. meters.
  • Three light sources are required: natural lighting, general lighting, local lighting.
  • Water supply (sink).
  • The walls are painted or covered with matte waterproof material.
  • The floor is covered with a smooth, hard, washable material (linoleum, tiles).
  • Ventilation

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