Cosmetologist talks about laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal - laser hair removal. The essence of the method is that the laser sends out a powerful light pulse, which affects only the melanin pigment. Melanin absorbs this energy, the hair heats up and destroys the hair follicle. The bulb is destroyed - the hair does not grow - the skin is smooth - the girls are happy.

Most of the follicles are in a dormant state and are not affected by the laser in any way. We'll have to wait until they wake up and only then process it with a laser. Therefore, to achieve the effect, you need to do a course of procedures.

The clinics call the number of 5-7 procedures. But everything is very individual. The laser "shoots" at the melanin. Accordingly, LE is not effective for light hair. Ideal for LE: fair skin and dark hair. The darker the skin, the lower the laser power and the higher the burn effect.

Therefore, LE is not done on tanned skin. It hurts. Fast, but painful. Especially the armpits and bikini area. Do not sunbathe or take antibiotics 2 weeks before the procedure.
Only the machine can be used between treatments. No wax, shugaring and tweezers. If you get into the hands of a would-be specialist, there is a risk of getting burned. It is clear that such cases are rare, but they exist.

Contraindications: cancer, infectious skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy and lactation. And finally advice. Choose medical centers over beauty salons. There are more expensive and more efficient lasers.

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