History of Nevskaya cosmetics

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The "discoverer" of the cosmetic direction in the activities of "Nevsky Zavod" became the cream "Lanolinovy", known to many today. At that time, the company also developed other innovative types of products - for example, shampoos. As in the middle of the 19th century, in the second half of the 20th century, constant work was carried out to expand the range of products, new cosmetics were constantly produced. Among the interesting developments of that time - the nourishing cream "Snowball". For the first time in domestic practice, lactic acidophilic starter culture was introduced into the cream as an active additive. The unique cosmetic properties of the cream were due to the action of lactic acid and antibiotic substances secreted by lactic acid bacteria. Vitamin E was also added to the cream, its use allows us to call this product the first domestic anti-wrinkle cream. Together with VNIISNDV, a liquid cream "Malyutka" was developed, and chamomile extract was introduced into its composition. The cream was used to prevent skin irritation in children. Work was constantly carried out on the development and improvement of the quality of creams - for example, one of the components in the Lel cream was replaced, which gave the cream disinfecting properties. This made it possible to recommend the cream for acne-prone skin. And in the cream "Chamomile" the aqueous extract of chamomile was replaced with an extract, which improved the anti-inflammatory properties of its formula. Today the company produces a huge number of creams. These are traditional inexpensive and widely available creams "Lanolin", "Spermaceti", "Chamomile", to which only natural ingredients are added. The popularity of a series of new creams "Pantry of Nature" and the "Vorozheya" series is growing (by the way, the name of the new cosmetic line was suggested by the buyers themselves).

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