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Cosmetology beauty school

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Cosmetology school

You can become a professional cosmetologist to work in a beauty salon and receive clients at home, or simply learn how to properly care for your skin, in cosmetology beauty school.

We have compiled a selection of cosmetology beauty school and training centers where you can learn to be a cosmetologist:

1. Empire Beauty School (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

2. Hollywood makeup school (Los Angeles, CA)

3. Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, FL)

4. The Aveda Institute (West Chester, OH)

5. Hollywood Institute of Beauty (Hollywood, CA)


Today, cosmetic services are in demand. Even the high cost of individual procedures does not stop connoisseurs of beauty. Therefore, many educational courses are being opened in this area. There is a school of cosmetologists in every locality, and in Moscow there are several hundred of them. The quality of work in the future depends on the choice.


How to choose beauty school

Each owner of the center claims that his school of cosmetologists meets international standards, only he employs the best teachers, doctors, and that it is on his beauty school courses that they teach the latest techniques.

In fact, not all centers can boast of a good quality education, medical license, experienced staff, etc. Therefore, when choosing a school of cosmetologists, you should:

Research the labor market. Before enrolling in courses beauty school, analyze the demand for cosmetology services, the necessary skills that are important for employers. Study the information about which specialists the market is experiencing a shortage of.

Consider the amount of practice. In each training center, a certain time is allocated for it. It is important to choose courses beauty school where it takes up the majority of the class. Theory is necessary, but you can make up for it yourself by attending seminars, studying literature, reading magazines for cosmetologists. Practice is the key to successful employment and work with clients. You need to gain experience throughout the training.
Check documents. An institution that teaches something must have an educational license.

Consider the school’s reputation and length of time in the market. The longer an institution has been in operation, the more it is trusted. Customer reviews are important. You just need to distinguish fake from real. If a company has a lot of good recommendations on the Internet, this does not mean that real consumers wrote them. Negative reviews should be filtered too. It is better if the school is advised by a cosmetologist.

Inquire about the level of professionalism and the specifics of the work of teachers. Beautician schools often advertise a star-studded, well-named mentor who is supposedly part of their teaching staff. He teaches a maximum of 2 lessons, and the rest of the lessons are taught by regular staff members. Therefore, they will find out in advance how many teachers are in the school without higher education and with him. Are there any doctors of medical sciences and candidates, experienced doctors. This factor directly affects the quality of education.

How much does beauty cosmetology school cost

Find out the cost of the beauty cosmetology school courses and the duration. Often, expensive lessons are cheaper than less expensive ones. This is due to the fact that “economical” education includes fewer hours of study and practice. The material taught does not always meet modern standards. It is likely that after the “frugal” training will have to take additional lessons.

Benefits of studying at cosmetologyschoolbeauty

Cosmetology practice from the first days

Studying studios from the first day begin to master the basics of the profession in cosmetology practice. Models are invited to the classes, for whom the students of the courses do haircuts, hairstyles and styling or manicure. Theoretical knowledge is constantly being practiced on mannequins. With daily practice, learners gain the experience and confidence they need for their future work.

Modern cosmetology equipment

Classes are held in new, equipped rooms. All tools, materials and cosmetology equipment used in training are professional. The trainers will tell the trainees about modern products for the work of a hairdresser, cosmetician or manicurist. Master fashionable and popular specialties with us.

Quality cosmetology training

The Beauty Line pays special attention to the quality of education. We raise not just qualified specialists, but champions in their field. Our training studio constantly participates in competitions and exhibitions, where our students take prizes! This is why the Beauty Line certification is highly regarded when applying for a job. Our students are our pride!

Individual approach

A feature of our school is an individual approach to learning. Small groups allow the teacher to closely follow the work of each student. The training is carried out by qualified teachers, using the author’s methodological developments. Programs include theoretical and practical training of students in the chosen specialty.

Cosmetology education document

Graduates are awarded certificates of the established form of the Russian Federation with the assignment of the appropriate qualifications. A document with the right to conduct a professional activity is important, it can only be issued by licensed training centers after long-term training in the profession.

Cosmetology employment

Our graduates receive prestigious knowledge, high qualifications and guaranteed cosmetology employment! The Beauty Line cooperates with the salons of St. Petersburg, which offer work to our students. Our training will give you real prospects for a professional career, the training studio “Beauty Line” will help you become a specialist and find your worthy place in life!


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